Elmes-India Impex LLP


CB32 Wireless Control Panel

  • This is extremely small and compact wireless control panel designed for use in security systems, burglary and emergency alarms, access control in houses, offices and other premises.
  • The panel can be operated by up to 16 users and controls up to 32 wireless Elmes detectors.
  • In addition, its two perimeter wired inputs allow connection of any two wired detectors.
  • Selected standard features and options include: two modes of partial arming.
  • Monitoring and alarming with the use of mobile GSM phones.
  • keypad and hand transmitter arming and disarming;
  • Event registering of the last 256 events timed by internal real time clock.
  • Two internal backup rechargeable batteries allow autonomy operation on mains supply failure.
  • Fitted hardware features include internal acoustic siren, three user-defined universal programmable outputs intended for connection of external signaling and alarming devices.
  • Clear lit LCD readout display, on-board power supply for connected external mobile phone and full size keypad for easy programming and daily arming/disarming operation.
Technical Specification
  • Dynamic code system KEELOQ of Microchip Corp. USA
  • Operating frequency: 433,92 MHz
  • 32 wireless zones
  • 2 parametric wired zones
  • 16 users (4 administrators)
  • Power supply: 12V DC
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries (2 x AA)
  • Built-in accoustic signalisator 92dB
  • GSM notification of system status via Elmes GSM module
  • Compatible with all Elmes wireless detectors
  • Controls 1 wireless signalisator WSS
  • Operating temperature range from 0 to + 40C,
  • External dimensions without antenna: 110/122/32mm.