Elmes-India Impex LLP


GSM-1 Alarm Communicator

  • Elmes GSM alarm notification module is designed to operate with Elmes CB32 (firmware v.2.10 and up) wireless control panel.
  • Can be used in any 900/1800/1900 MHz cellular telephone network depending on applied SIM card. The module communicates
  • Sends SMS messages and CLIP calls to up to two predefined cell phones it notifies alarm system owner or monitoring station operator of occurred intruder alarms, system failures and system arming and disarming.
  • The module uses embedded multi-band GSM network transceiver.
  • Powered by 3,7 volt lithium-ion or polymer type battery charged by Elmes CB32 control panel as backup power.
  • The battery secures module power supply backup in case of control panel mains supply failure.
  • Simple installation procedures and practical notification features are advantages of the module for its application in alarm systems.
Technical Specification
  • Full 900/1800/1900 Band Approved Embedded GSM Module SIM300C
  • Communication with CB32 panel via AT commands (RS232 – TTL 3,3V) over cable interface,
  • Internal cellular battery charged by CB32 panel (5VDC/300mA),
  • Indoor operation with temperature range: 0 up to +40ºC,
  • External dimensions: (L/W/D) 96/63/28mm, without antenna Mast.

GSM-2 Alarm Communicator

  • The device allows monitoring of events occurring in alarm and security systems as well as operation in remote control systems by means of SMS.
  • Notifications and CLIP calls, in any mobile phone 900/1800/1900 MHz GSM network. In remote control operation, devices can be directly connected to its relay outputs and controlled also by means of SMS & CLIP (Calling Line Identification Presentation - a supplementary GSM service used to show the number of a caller). Specified below are characteristic features of Elmes GSM2 module:
Technical Specification
  • Mobile phone integrated GSM transceiver model
  • Four, user programmable, set high (7-12V) or set low (0-3V) control input voltage levels.
  • Four SMS controlled and isolated relay outputs with NO (Normally Opened), or NC (Normally Closed) terminals.
  • Notification to up to 6 phone numbers.
  • Four control inputs rating 0..15VDC with reference to ground (-V power supply).
  • Relay outputs operation in Pulse Mode (programmable time-lapse), or On/Off Mode (bistable).
  • Outputs are set on by means of SMS or CLIP from up to 255 phone numbers, or by input alarm zone violation.
  • Alarm monitor SMS & CLIP notifications are send to up to six preregistered phone numbers.
  • Periodical communication test by SMS or CLIP send to one or two phone numbers, at user’s specified day time or time interval.
  • User set limited number of SMS notifications send daily.
  • TAMPER switch monitoring of module’s box cover opening.
  • Indoor operation only with temperature range: 0 +40ºC